API Dictionary

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This endpoint is used to list of all the dictionaries tied to your account along with their unique "Dictionary_no", which you will need as the {id} for using the Data endpoint.

 curl -X GET -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "authorization: <api_key>" "https://api.thedog.io/dictionary"

Each response from the API will be in the following JSON format:

   "message": "Successful",
   "skip": 0,
   "limit": 10,
   "total": 15,
   "data": []

"message" will either be "Successful" or an error message. "skip" is how many records into the query we skipped, "limit" is how many objects we returned. "total" is the total amount of objects that are available. And "data" is an array of objects containing the results.