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Account Settings

Here each User can manage their personal settings.
Account Settings

User Name

Your current user name is shown here. To save changes click the Save changes button.

Email Address

Your current email address is shown here. To save changes click the Save changes button.

Change Password

To change your password enter it into the New passphrase and Confirm new passphrase boxes and click the Update passphrase button.

Delete Portal Account

Each user may delete their online account access at any time. This will not delete the Golden Retriever account, just the specific user's ability to log into the web portal. Once you delete your web portal profile, there is no going back. Please be certain.

Activating Sleep Mode

Golden Retriever allows accounts to be placed in sleep mode in cases where accounts are only required on a seasonal basis. While in sleep mode a minimal charge is billed monthly to retain full access to the admin portal. During this time the mobile app will have no access to any dictionary tied to the account.

  • A minimal amount will be charged each month to maintain data storage and retain all account dictionaries, databases and settings - there will be no monthly charge for any active license keys
  • All data will remain accessible (view, edit, download, delete)
  • Manage license keys - set up new devices as necessary in advance of resuming your account
  • Build new or edict current dictionaries

Viewing Status

From the main Admin Portal menus select Update sleep status. Here you will see any accounts tied to your administrator account and their current status.


To change the status of the account simply click on the 'No' or 'Yes'.

  • YES - account is in sleep mode
  • NO - account is active and mobile app will collect data

Billing will automatically be adjusted for your next billing cycle.

If you are a paying customer and are wanting to delete your entire Golden Retriever account please send an email to requesting your account be closed.